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Calhan, CO

Melbourne, FL
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State of the art equipment
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$1,000,000 CSI Insurance
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Certified  for operations in Colorado, Florida, Utah, North Carolina, Virginia  and Washington.
Kansas Super load Certified
Georgia Amber light certified 
ATTSA Certified Traffic Control
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	Our escort vehicle  is equipped with  a state of the art RAND McNally TND 510 GPS designed specifically for the trucking industry.  It includes the latest information regarding route restrictions based on the specific dimensions of the permitted load.  It  also includes precise dawn/dusk information based on current location of the unit.  Each of our  COBRA CB radios include ten NOAA channels to keep us up to date on any  possible weather related conditions which may adversely affect travel and delivery of the load. 
	Our driver also has at their disposal real time information from the American Red Cross regarding first aid and shelter locations open during any hurricane, tornado or wildfire event which may occur along the route. Our company is committed to providing the safest, most efficient and cost effective service to each of our clients.