Text Box:      At a New Journey Pilot Car Escort Services, safety is our top priority.  Our drivers have extensive over the road experience and are equipped for maximum safety on the road.  As part of the certification training, they receive defensive driving  instruction.  Diane has an Associates degree in Law Enforcement and Security; Firefighter 1;  Basic First Aid and CPR certification; OSHA 40 hr. Hazmat  Operations certification;  ATSSA certification for flagging and traffic control;  and both CDOT  and FDOT flagging certifications. She has performed pre-trip inspections as a truck broker; loaded, weighed and dropped a rig as a material handler; and done traffic control for trucks on a multitude of jobs in the construction and traffic control fields.
	Shon has a CDL with a hazmat endorsement; tanker; doubles and trips, and has also traveled extensively  over the highways in the past three years– from Los Angeles to Oregon and the Washington state area: Interstate 95 in Florida through New Jersey; up and down the east coast from Florida to Michigan and the Great Lakes area  For more information and photos of where they have traveled and how she actually entered the pilot car business– click here. 

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Text Box: 	Our drivers are experienced certified and registered flaggers.  They have logged many hours in the field for traffic control.  ##
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Text Box: 	Jack  Dawson, Traffic Control Supervisor for Double D Construction (Lamar  CO)  hard at work  even during the ribbon cutting ceremony.
Text Box: 	The entire town of Kit Carson was a construction zone throughout this project.  The highway cut the town in half and residents couldn’t even get to the grocery store or the post office without an ATV.  But they took it in stride.
Text Box: 	When our driver first arrived at Kit Carson the whole town looked  like  a maze.  They definitely needed a flagger or two.  But it didn’t stop folks from coming to the local restaurant which is famous in these parts for their divine pies.
Text Box: 	Our vehicles and equipment are  well maintained.  Our radios and equipment are professionally installed.  Each driver carries  a  hardhat  and  safety shoes. in addition to the high vis safety vest required by law.   Both cars are equipped with a high pole and mirror.  We will arrive on time but we request adequate notice  of any impending move  in order to prepare and schedule to fmeet your  transportation needs
Text Box: 	The Kit Carson job was great experience due to the complexity of it.  Not only did it require controlling the local traffic and the semis passing through on Hwy 287; but there were also trucks hauling concrete and materials which had to enter and leave the traffic flow regularly as well as the heavy equipment working on the side roads which had to be controlled to maintain flow.
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	Our first pilot car job– running chase on this gargantuan piece of equipment!  It is some kind of track mounted trencher.  The total load was 15’9” tall, 14’6” wide; 223’ long and 215,000 lbs!  It was over height, overweight, overlength, over width!  Truly a super load!
	We started out on a County Rd. which wasn’t even listed on half of the CO maps I consulted– a dirt road.  I flagged the street on 71N just to get this giant in the lane of travel. We went up  71N , through the weigh station in Limon, CO and got on 270 North of Denver -within five minutes after the rush hour curfew expired.  The trip ended on a County Rd.  In Platteville, which was also dirt.  
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This was my third load .  My first solo run. It started  on I25, a multi-lane highway in Trinidad– went through Raton Pass, NM and the weigh station there, then down I25, east on 84 (which was short -but  it was a single lane highway that wound in a series of sharp blind curves from left to right and right to left   through rolling hills  and narrow bridges) which we travelled until it emptied onto US40.  Then we took US40 west to Cline’s Corners, switched drivers and the headed east  on US40 to the Texas border.  This load was overlength (110’ long) and over weight (119,000 lbs)  Piece of cake!