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             A New Journey Pilot  Car Escort Services is a full service company- serving the  oversize, over-height, over-length permitted load  transportation industry  throughout the continental US and Canada.  Our  primary area of operation runs from Colorado to Florida and all states in between. Whether your company needs traffic control, pilot car lead, chase escort, height pole services or route survey services –for reliable, safe and dependable service  call  us for a competitive  price quote.
Text Box: 	A perfectly positioned dash  mirror allows the driver to see the tip of the height pole.
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(303) 253-5315

Calhan, CO

Melbourne, FL
Text Box: 	Our vehicle are equipped with a rattler brand height pole.  The rattler pole  has an audible rattle if the pole comes in contact with a hard surface.  Just another layer of protection for our over height customers.
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         Our Rand TND 510 GPS is designed specifically for the trucking industry.  Enter the  dimensions of the load and it will search the route for potential problem areas.  Although electronic equipment can’t replace the commonsense and experience of a good pilot car driver– it is a method of double checking that is well worth the expense.  It has the most up to date maps  and information on restricted routes. of any GPS on the market today.

Rain in the Desert along Mexican Border

                     Depoe Bay,  Oregon

                             Boise City, Oklahoma

             Border Checkpoint Arizona

            Eisenhower Tunnel Colorado

        La Veta,  Colorado

             Colorado Springs, Colorado

       Tombstone, Arizona